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Neuroweave Series



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Dataset Sequence

Neuroweave 001 is 5 feet wide by 8 feet long, and consists of up to 30% natural silk and 70% natural wool pile on a cotton foundation. Each rug consists of nearly 700,000 individually tied knots, much like the pixels of a jpeg, each knot exists in a unique position on the X-Y axis of the rug, and is tied to the foundational warp and weft, one by one, by hand.

The Design

The designs of the Neuroweave collection are generated in an iterative interaction between Neuroweave Designers, and Machines. Thousands of images of existing rugs are "taught" to the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) machine; the AI trains on the idea of "rug design" and creates thousands of its own rugs, based on the training it has received. Neuroweave designers control the teaching, as well as step in at the final stages to both pick the final designs, and final color concept for each piece.

The Rug

The Neuroweave collection comprises hand-knotted rugs made of wool, silk and cotton fibers. Each piece is made by hand using traditional knotting techniques that have existed for centuries in cultures throughout the middle and far east. The entire process of production is done by hand, from wool sheering, to yarn making, dyeing, knotting and finishing. The hand-made nature of each rug creates minute differences in procedure that make each piece in the collection distinctly unique -the human element that adds small nuances of variation each step of the way. Using the traditional knotting techniques that have been known to create heirloom quality rugs, means these pieces will last for decades, if not centuries.

Each piece in the Neuroweave collection is a unique version of the AI designed output, taken from 1 of numerous iterations of AI design, that is ever slightly different as the AI is generating its rug designs.

The NFT & Metaverse Asset

Each rug edition is a family of images taken from moments in the GANs production cycle, where each image is a slightly different exercise in design by the GAN. Each piece in the edition is a closely related set of designs, that are extracted from the procedural design process, and captured as
still moments. The digital asset is a .glb file which will be provided as a 3d object that can be used in the Metaverse of your choice.

Each physical rug and its digital twin 3d object will carry a certificate of authenticity created by Verisart and recorded on the bitcoin blockchain. This certificate, much like an NFT for digital works, will provide transactional history, and provenance for your rug and digital twin. You will immediately receive a link to download your file, and your physical rug will be tagged with a QR code linking it to your certificate. Your physical object is forever intertwined with its digital twin.


When will I receive my products?

We will transfer your NFT to your wallet of choice immediately after purchase, and it will come with a link to your metaverse object on the IPFS. The physical object will start to be woven once your order is placed, and will be shipped in 3-5 months.

Can my purchase be anonymous?

While it is possible to buy the NFT anonymously on certain NFT platforms, you will still need to provide an address for us to ship your physical rug. This address can be a managed mailbox at a postal receiving center, if you want your purchase to remain anonymous to us. Any personal data you share remains with us, and is not coded onto the block chain, sold, or distributed in any way. We do not share customer data with 3rd parties. 

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