The Rug

The Neuroweave collection comprises hand-knotted rugs made of wool, silk and cotton fibers. Each piece is made by hand using traditional knotting techniques that have existed for centuries in cultures throughout the middle and far east. The entire process of production is done by hand, from wool sheering, to yarn making, dyeing, knotting and finishing. The hand-made nature of each rug creates minute differences in procedure that make each piece in the collection distinctly unique -the human element that adds small nuances of variation each step of the way. Using the traditional knotting techniques that have been known to create heirloom quality rugs, means these pieces will last for decades, if not centuries.

Each piece in the Neuroweave collection is a unique version of the AI designed output, taken from 1 of numerous iterations of AI design, that is ever slightly different as the AI is generating its rug designs.